Family Support

Family support is a crucial component of the recovery process for individuals struggling with addiction. At Alpine Recovery, we understand the importance of involving family members and loved ones in the treatment journey.

What is Family Support?

We believe it’s crucial to support the loved ones of those struggling with chemical dependency. Hence, we invite family members, significant others, or friends to participate in our family program. This program welcomes the important individuals in our patients’ lives every Wednesday for an hour, with sessions available in the morning from 9 am to 10 am and in the evening from 6 pm to 7 pm. The program covers various topics:

  • Chemical dependency is a progressive family disease

  • Family dynamics

  • Codependency

  • Communication

  • Assertiveness and assertive communication

  • Relationships in recovery

  • Recovery for the family

We look forward to seeing you at our Family Program!

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How Does Family Support Help?

Family support programs provide much-needed support and education for both the individual in rehab and their loved ones. These programs help to strengthen communication, rebuild trust, and establish healthy boundaries within the family dynamic.

With our rehab in Arlington, our family program aims to not only educate families about addiction but also provide them with tools and resources to support their loved one’s recovery journey. By involving family members in the treatment process, we create a support system for both the individual in rehab and their loved ones.

Family support programs also help to break down stigma and promote understanding about addiction. By involving family members and educating them about addiction as a disease, it can improve communication and strengthen relationships within the family.

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We excel in delivering solutions to empower individuals to reclaim their lives. Our dedicated team of experts is devoted to guiding individuals through their path to recovery and self-betterment. We provide an array of services such as therapy sessions, workshops, and support groups, all customized to aid individuals in conquering personal obstacles and reaching their fullest potential.

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People battling different disorders frequently find it hard to start their journey to recovery on their own. Our outpatient rehabilitation program has aided many individuals coping with addiction troubles. A significant number of them attribute their first step towards recovery to a loved one who guided them to us.


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