Positive Choices

Positive Choices provides participants the opportunity to learn to make better choices and establish a foundation for positive lifestyle change. Through a combination of education, counseling, and support, individuals are empowered to overcome obstacles, develop self-awareness, and create healthier habits.

What is Positive Choices?

This comprehensive educational program, spanning 6 to 12 months, is tailored for individuals diagnosed with mild substance use disorder. Positive choices offers these participants a chance to learn how to make improved decisions and lay the groundwork for a positive change in their lifestyle. It aims to assist individuals in understanding the impact of alcohol and other drug use on their lives, encouraging them to make informed choices. Some goals of this program are:

  • Provide structure and guidance to take an honest look at the consequences of alcohol and other drug use in their life.
  • Facilitate the comprehension of accurate, pertinent information about alcohol and other drugs so that in the future participants can make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Point participants in the right direction to receive additional counseling, if they choose to seek further help.

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How Does Positive Choices Help?

Positive choices is designed to help individuals develop and maintain positive behaviors, thoughts, and coping strategies for long-term recovery.

The program is designed to help individuals make informed decisions about the consequences of alcohol and other drug use in their life, as well as change their impaired driving behavior.

This program focuses on improving an individual’s decision-making skills by addressing underlying issues such as self-esteem, trauma, and relationship dynamics. Through group therapy sessions and individual work, individuals can develop a deeper understanding of their behaviors and learn how to make positive choices for themselves.

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People battling different disorders frequently find it hard to start their journey to recovery on their own. Our outpatient rehabilitation program has aided many individuals coping with addiction troubles. A significant number of them attribute their first step towards recovery to a loved one who guided them to us.


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