What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction, often referred to as alcoholism, is a chronic disease characterized by an uncontrollable urge to consume alcohol despite the negative consequences it has on one’s health, relationships, and social life. This condition goes beyond the occasional indulgence or social drinking; it seeps into every aspect of an individual’s life, turning alcohol into a necessity for functioning or coping with daily stresses.

The journey into alcohol addiction can start subtly, with increasing quantities consumed to achieve the same effects previously enjoyed. Over time, this tolerance builds up, leading to higher consumption and eventually physical dependency. At this stage, the absence of alcohol in the system triggers withdrawal symptoms that can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening.

What sets alcohol addiction apart from mere habitual drinking is the compulsion and mental obsession with alcohol. Individuals may find themselves planning their day around drinking or going out of their way to ensure they have access to alcohol. The repercussions of this disease are vast, impacting not only the physical well-being of the person involved but also straining personal relationships, professional opportunities, and overall quality of life.

Recognizing the signs of alcohol addiction early can be crucial in seeking help. These may include frequent blackouts, extreme mood swings, choosing activities based on whether alcohol will be available, neglecting responsibilities at home or work, and continued drinking despite clear evidence of its harm to one’s health and well-being.

Understanding that alcoholism is a complex disease influenced by genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and personal experiences can foster compassion towards those struggling with it. With appropriate treatment and support, individuals battling alcohol addiction can reclaim control over their lives and embark on a path toward recovery.

How We Treat Alcohol Addiction

Embarking on the journey to overcome alcohol addiction is a courageous step, one that signifies hope, strength, and the desire for a healthier future. At Alpine Recovery, we understand that this path is deeply personal and filled with challenges. That’s why our approach to treatment is centered around providing compassionate care in a supportive environment, designed to heal both the body and mind.

Our comprehensive programs cater to individuals who require care without needing 24/7 assistance. While we don’t provide detox services, we can recommend reputable facilities for that purpose. Once you have safely completed detox, we can help you begin your journey to recovery. Our evidence-based outpatient programs are ideal for working professionals who need to balance their responsibilities while receiving care.

We believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms of addiction, which means addressing co-occurring issues, developing coping strategies for stress and triggers, and helping you rebuild healthy relationships. Recovery from alcohol addiction is not just about abstaining from alcohol; it’s about creating a fulfilling life where sobriety can be maintained joyfully. We also recognize the importance of community in the recovery process. Our group therapy sessions and peer support groups offer spaces where you can share experiences, learn from others who have walked similar paths, and build a network of support that extends beyond our walls.

Choosing to seek help for alcohol addiction is a powerful decision. At Alpine Recovery, we’re committed to being there with you every step of the way – offering guidance, compassion, and expert care as you embark on this transformative journey toward recovery. Together, we can navigate the road ahead towards a life free from addiction.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

We only use proven clinical services to treat our patients, ensuring the highest level of care and success rates. Our highly trained staff specialize in a variety of addiction issues.

Clinical Services We Use for Treatment

At Alpine Recovery, we understand that seeking help can be intimidating. That's why we strive to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for our patients. Our goal is to make therapy accessible and effective for everyone.

Affordable Insurance Accepted Care Services

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

Our goal is to provide affordable and effective care to all those in need at our center. We understand the challenges of battling addiction and particularly when financial worries compound the issue. As such, we commit to working closely with your insurance company to guarantee you receive the maximum coverage available for your treatment.

I'm Jesse; I am an alcoholic. I attended Alpine Recovery Services from April 2009 to April 2011. I started with 9 weeks of IOP and then moved into 26 weeks of MRT. I followed all the rules of the program and embraced the assignments given to me. I began attending AA regularly as one of the requirements and found a group of people that I could truly relate to. One of the requirements of Alpine was to read a book by Dr. Milam called Under The Influence. It highlights the physiological aspects of alcoholism and how it related to my condition, which was instrumental in understanding why my body is alcoholic compared to normal people. They also required us to read the first 164 pages of the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, which taught me a new way to live clean and sober. I saw people come and go throughout my time at Alpine and they all seemed to share one commonality. They all thought they could make their own rules and that the professionals at Alpine were out to get them. What I found was people who were extremely knowledgeable in their field and that truly wanted everyone to recover. One of my counselors showed me how to laugh and enjoy living in recovery that was key to learning and accepting a new way to live alcohol- and drug-free. I just celebrated 7 years clean on April 14, 2016, and could not have achieved that without my beginnings in Alpine Recovery Services. Thank You Alpine for helping me find a new way.

Jesse / Lynnwood, WA

I immediately felt welcome at Alpine from the moment I first walked through their doors. After 22 years in active addiction and losing nearly everything I cared about, I had no idea how to live life without drugs and alcohol. With the help and guidance of their counselors in the group setting there, I became honest with myself and others so that I could learn the tools necessary to stand on my own two feet, with confidence, in a life filled with Hope, Faith and Courage. I've now been free from all mind-altering substances for over a year and continue to work a strong program with the tools I learned in the intensive outpatient program and continuing care classes! The things I had let slip away are returning to my life and I've never felt better or more capable!

THANK YOU, ALPINE RECOVERY!!! You showed me how to reclaim my life!

John / Stanwood, WA


We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide clarity on the experience and alleviate any remaining fears or anxieties you might have.

At Alpine Recovery, we recognize the distinctiveness of each person's path to healing. That's why we provide a variety of treatment options to accommodate diverse needs and preferences. Our outpatient programs present a unique approach compared to conventional inpatient programs, offering a compelling choice for individuals who do not need round-the-clock medical oversight or prefer a flexible treatment approach.

Our outpatient programs enable individuals to stay at home and fulfill their daily responsibilities while receiving treatment. This setup proves advantageous for those with work or family commitments they can't set aside. It also empowers individuals to promptly apply the treatment-acquired skills and techniques to their everyday lives.

We provide a tailored treatment approach. We collaborate with every client to create a personalized plan that suits their unique needs and objectives. This plan may consist of individual therapy, group sessions, support groups, and evidence-based therapies.

Our outpatient programs are typically more affordable than inpatient options since they do not necessitate full-time residential care. This increased accessibility benefits individuals who may lack the financial resources for inpatient treatment.

We acknowledge that detox is frequently the initial phase of recovery. While we don't provide detox services at our facility, we prioritize individuals' safety and comfort by advocating for medically supervised detox. Our familiarity with respected detox facilities in the vicinity allows us to offer valuable recommendations to our clients.

After completing detox, individuals embarking on their recovery journey can benefit from our tailored outpatient programs. Our expert team collaborates closely with each client, offering support, guidance, and evidence-based treatment strategies for sustainable recovery. We firmly believe that this holistic approach empowers individuals to conquer addiction and live fulfilling lives.

When facing addiction, know that there's hope for recovery. Taking the first step to seek assistance paves the way to a healthier, happier life for you or a loved one.

Some signs that may indicate it's time to get help for addiction include:

  • Struggling with substance use: If you face difficulty in restricting or halting substance use, particularly when you desire to do so, it could indicate addiction.
  • Neglecting responsibilities: Addiction can lead individuals to prioritize substance use over crucial commitments like work, school, or family obligations.
  • Behavior and mood alterations: Substance abuse may result in behavioral shifts, including secrecy, irritability, and mood fluctuations.
  • Physical symptoms: Developing a higher tolerance to substances, experiencing withdrawal symptoms upon cessation, or encountering physical health complications due to substance use are all signals that seeking assistance may be necessary.

If you or a loved one are noticing these signs or have worries about substance use, it might be time to seek assistance. Engaging in treatment, be it therapy, support groups, or an addiction program, can offer vital support and tools to conquer addiction and lead a rewarding life in recovery.

Remember, it's always the right moment to reach out for support and embark on a journey of positive transformation towards a healthier tomorrow.

To start helping your loved one, initiate a candid conversation about their addiction. Show care, define boundaries, and guide them to seek professional assistance. Research treatment options together and provide necessary resources for support.

Be patient, understanding, and supportive during this journey of recovery—it's a process that takes time. By offering the right guidance and encouragement, you can assist your loved one in discovering a path to a healthier, happier life, free from addiction. Reach out for support and guidance from our team at Alpine Recovery without hesitation. We are here to support you and your loved one every step of the way on the road to recovery.

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